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It is now 2015; we are rising through

the dimensions third, fourth and fifth

etc.  We need the earth connection.

Open your mind to new possibilities, change and more loving!

Do you feel tired? Lacking get-up-and-go? World weary?

With the amount of positive electrons filling our environment, from our homes, offices and cities, there's little wonder you're feeling lousy!

Free natural energy!

  • The earthed silk pocket, created by Dennis Child, is what you need to restore harmony to your mind and body.
  • Dennis has been making Eeman Bio circuits from silk with great success for many years, and recently paired that same technology with his human body grounding research.  The connection is with the etheric body, not the skin.  All the disease starts in the energy body.

Who can benefit?

  • Pregnant women and nursing mothers
  • Children of all ages
  • Sportspeople
  • Young and old

What can I expect?

Sleeptime bliss!

The rhythms of the earth change over a 24 hour period, as such the silk pocket is more effective at night. You have never had a good nights sleep until you have experienced the earthed silk system!

The best sleep you have ever had. Peaceful and at ease when you wake. You are alert and energized, all this is created because of the electrical balance and you receive this every night. This will create a massive change in your well-being.  Every bed should be earthed with the silk pockets.

As well as a being an effective sleep aid, an earth silk pocket can help with back pain and body inflammation.

To talk to Human Energy Balance about earthing, it's positive effects and to place an order for your own silk pocket, call Dennis Child on 01772 563529, email dennisjchild@gmail.com or Skype dominic123child

Orgone Blanket Accumulator - Wilhelm Reich

The Orgone pads that we are making are made from organic Teeswater fleece and oil-free steel wool from Higher Gills Farm, Downham. Using the Orgone during the day and earthing at night is amazing. The body is a river of vitality and needs to flow. Blockages and stagnation create disease.  Suitable for sports people, etc. who want that extra vitality. 
So now we are making 2 inches by 2 inches pads (more practical) and placing 2 of each side of one pint glass containing tap water, then bubbles appear on the inside of the glass. After 2 hours I drink the water. This feels much better than wearing the pads. Are the bubbles prana, chi, ki, mana etc. Is this the god force?

You may also log on to www.newhorizonsstannes.com

Sleep aid Sand

Restore harmony to your body,
revive your mind.
Call 01772 563529
07587 342355

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